Current occupation

I work as a predoctoral researcher and teaching assistant at the Chair for General Economics, particularly Macroeconomics at the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg. 

My research is focused on tackling important and pressing problems. 

Read my paper on steering solar geoengineering towards coordination over conflict – or listen to the podcast episode:

‎Reviewer 2 does geoengineering: SRM treaties – Lehmann on Apple Podcasts

Prizes & Awards

Winner of the 2022 Effective Thesis Exceptional Research Award

3rd Place 2022 Metaculus Hackathon – Category ‘Open Inquiry’

German Champion Flag Football with the Dresden Monarchs

Winner of my elementary schools reading competition

Furthermore, I am a Metaculus top-1000 forecaster. I have a squared error of below 0.1 on harder-than-average questions. This means that I am usually right. You can view my full track record.

Past occupations

I have worked as an engineer for the Fraunhofer Society and the automotive industry. I have worked as a junior consultant in information security.  I hold a M. Sc. in Economics & Business Administration and a B. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering. I have attained certificates for information security and econometric analysis in R.